29. Maj 2003

A Wonderful Copenhagen Mermaid Regatta!

The Nordic weather gods were in gayest of spirits this year at the first Copenhagen Mermaid Regatta held May 29th at the beautiful surroundings of Lake Bagsværd. The late spring weather was warm, the sun was shining from a bright light blue sky and the leaves of the forest trees surrounding the rowing course was the brightest of green - but most important to the participants, there was just a calm breeze blowing down the rowing course.

With over 70 (predominantly) gay and lesbian rowers from 5 nations the Copenhagen Mermaid Regatta – the first regatta ever of its kind held in Denmark was a truly wonderful experience! Held in connection with Eurogames 2003 (Gay Games’ little European sibling)

Due to the limited amount of boats and many of the participants competing in several races there was plenty of time between races. But this was not a problem as spectators on land were kept entertained by the Danish drag queen artist group, DUNST - Ms. Ramona Macho and Ms. Fish organised their own mini gay games with the original gay sports disciplins, 50m Stiletto Sprint and Handbag Throw to much amusement of the spectators.

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