dunstBio 2002
dunst Bio arrangeres af Jørgen og Anderz og vises om onsdagen.
Alle der møder op I Angora ­ får en gratis drink.

8. Maj 2002 - Kl. 19:00
The Birdcage

22. Maj 2002 - Kl. 19:00 - Gratis film for alle.
Jubilee (1977)
Directed by Derek Jarman.
Adam Ant's debut.

Kyokon densetsu: utsukushiki nazo (1983)
(Beautiful Mystery International: English title)

Directed by Genji Nakamura

Japans første officielle Homofilm.
Se samurai krigerne i træningslejeren - og i sovesalen !

12. Juni 2002 - Kl. 19:00 - Gratis film for alle.
Hej! Vi har fundet tre film frem...

To styks af den spanske homoseksuelle filminstruktør Pedro Almodóvar der også har lavet filmen "alt om min mor" der kørte i biografen for et par år siden.
Den første film er - Le ley del deseo

og den anden er - what have i done to deserve this

Begge film er lidt twistede og tit noget med ludere, transer og andet godt...

Den tredie film er

Hedwig and the angry inch

og var på homo fimfestivallen sidste år og på natfilmfestivallen i år.
den handler om en bøsse fra øst Berlin under muren som flygter til amerika med en soldat fra west men desværre unden sin pik som han måtte forlade i øst for at de kunne blive gift. soldaten skrotter ham så og henry starter et punkband- Henry and the angry inch- og tunerer med det i håbet om at blive en stor stjerne...

filmen er en slags musical i real life og er blandet med små animationer til sangene.

19. Juni 2002 - Kl. 20:00 - Gratis film for alle.
Der er én film og en danseforestilling på programmet.

Dead dreams of monochrome men
criticalopinions "Every image flays a new nerve, and the heights of physical danger and virtuosity to which the dancers rise are matched by the depths of emotion which they have dredged."

"This piece of dance, or theatre, is the most shocking and frightening I have ever seen. It chilled me, and appalled me. It should be made compulsory viewing for everyone."

Event (South West) "It is perverse, but justified because it rings imaginatively true."

The Observer Pedro Almodóvar Caballero:
What have i done to deserve this
¿Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto?!! (1984)

A dysfunctional family in Madrid: Gloria is a cleaning lady, hooked on No-Doze, living in a crowded flat with Antonio, her surly husband, a cabby who adores an aging German singer he used to chauffeur; he's also a forger. One teen son sells heroin, the other sleeps with men. Her mother-in-law
keeps bottled water and cupcakes under lock and key, selling them to the family.

Two alcoholic writers cook up a plot to sell a manuscript as Hitler's memoirs, if Antonio will transcribe it in Hitler's hand. He won't, so they ask the German singer to intercede. Meanwhile, Gloria has given away one son to a sex-crazed dentist, and grandma picks up a pet lizard. Can this chaos be tamed?

26. Juni 2002 - Kl. 19:00 - Gratis film for alle.

In 1971, PINK NARCISSUS rocked the underground film world with its dreamlike homoerotic images. A technicolor fantasia, it is the story of a beautiful, brooding hustler (the lovely Bobby Kendal), who creates a dream world inside his apartment where he acts out his fantasies, from harem boy to roman slave to matador.

A major cult classic, PINK NARCISSUS has continued to screen to sold-out audiences around the world.

PINK NARCISSUS; James Bidgood, director; 1971; US; 70 minutes

Enter Achilles (DV8) Dansefilm

Performers: Gabriel Castillo, Jordi Cortes Molina, Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola, David Emanuel, Ross Hounslow, Jeremy James, Robert Tannion, DV8

A funny, cruel exploration of the male psyche, Enter Achilles is set in a typical British pub, a shabby, nicotine-stained boozer. Pop songs tumble out of the jukebox, there is football on the TV, and the eight men lark around, pint glasses in hand. But their blokeish fun is balanced on a knife-edge of tension, for beneath the mateyness lurks a disturbing undercurrent of paranoia and insecurity exploited and violence covers up vulnerability.

3. Juli 2002 - Kl. 19:00 - Gratis film for alle.
Suprise film!!!

17. Juli 2002 - Kl. 19:00 - Gratis film for alle.
Andy Warhol's Flesh (1968)

Directed by: Paul Morrissey
Starring: Joe Dallesandro, Geraldine Smith, Patti D'Arbanville, Barry Brown

Joe - always charming, open, innocent - takes to the streets and meets an artist with elaborate and hilarious theories of body worship, a couple of transvestites, a dumb ex-girlfriend and a friend whose armpits have been burned by a flamethrower. Produced at the height of Warhol's Factory years.

Recommended for mature audiences.

Runtime: 105
Country: USA
Language: English

Tetsuo II: Body Hammer (1992)
Directed by Shinya Tsukamoto

"Tetsou" this time has the Iron Man transforming into cyberkinetic gun when a gang of vicious skinheads kidnap his son. When the skinheads capture him, they begin to experiment on him...speeding up the mutative process!

MPAA: Rated R for bizarre violent images throughout.

Runtime: 93
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese

24. Juli 2002 - Kl. 19:00 - Gratis film for alle.

Tetsuo: The Iron Man

* Meek Japanese man transformed through hideous cosmic accident into metallic monstrosity

* Tetsuo's hellish existence reflects the bleak nightmare of
post-industrial society

* In one scene, hero's penis is transformed into a demonic, parasitic drill

* Features many shots in which the camera gazes rapturously upon the twisted, rusted metal encasing Tetsuo's body

* Tetsuo is pursued by a freakish metal woman who sodomizes him with a large metallic dildo

* Producers failed to snag lucrative fast-food tie-in

* Directed by eccentric writer-director-actor-editor-cinematographer Shinya Tsukamoto, the auteur behind The Adventures Of Denchu Kozo and Hiruko The Goblin

* Protagonist horrified to find his organs mimicking the structure and functions of machines

Pet Shop Boys "Discovery"
Live In Rio (1994)
Storslået show med flot scenografi, projektioner, dansere (og hvilke !) og selvfølgelig PSB's charmerende og intelligente musik.

August 2002 - dunst BIO holder sommerferie.
Nyt program kommer til September.

onsdags film for medlemmer med kulørte og seriøse film fra homoundergrunden og meget mere...

11. September 2002 - Kl. 20:00
medlemskab kr. 50,- (1. gang gratis)
entré gratis/10 kr,- ved storskærm

Looking for Langston (1988)
Directed by Isaac Julien

A black and white, fantasy-like recreation of high-society gay men during the Harlem Renaissance, with archival footage and photographs intercut with a story. A wake is going on, with mourners gathered around a coffin.

Downstairs is an elegant bar where tuxedoed men dance and talk. One of them has a dream in which he comes upon Beauty, who seems to reject him, although when he awakes, Beauty is sleeping beside him.

His story and his visits to the jazz and dance club are framed by voices reading from the poetry and essays of Hughes and others.

The text is rarely explicit, but the freedom of gay Black men in the 1920s in Harlem is suggested and celebrated visually.

Celluloid Closet, The (1995)
Directed by Rob Epstein/Jeffrey Friedman

A comprehensive documentary of the history of gays and lesbians in cinema, from negative to positive reflections of gay characters and the troubles of actors and actresses.

18. September 2002 - Kl. 20:00
medlemskab kr. 50,- (1. gang gratis)
entré gratis/10 kr,- ved storskærm

tema: Trash, pimps and hustlers

Super 8 1/2 (1993)
Bruce LaBruce¹s

How do you get to be a porn star ? (*)
More art house than porn

Being the first Bruce La Bruce movie I have ever seen, I was quite intrigued to see "Super 8 & 1/2." The movie is overlong, but does have some very amusing bits mixed in with the graphic sex and general weirdness.

Bruce is the big star of the movie, but the Wednesday characters are also quite fun, and the cameos by Scott Thompson, Richard Kern, and Vaginal Cream Davis are fun. A must see for anyone familiar with Bruce's writing in Exclaim magazine (though it helps to be open-minded too).

(*) You blow !

Hustler White (1996)
Bruce LaBruce

Starring, written and co-directed by eccentric Canadian film auteur Bruce LaBruce, who plays a venomous eurofag sociologist named Jurgen Anger who meets and quickly becomes obsessed with a sexy street hustler named Montgomery Ward, (played by ex-Madonna boytoy and former gay porn star, Tony Ward).

"Hustler White" follows Monti through his daily routine of sordid and bizarre encounters with hustlers, johns and pornographers, exposing L.A.'s surreal sexual underground (amputee sex and mummification, just for starters).

The sometimes scary, sometimes offensive but downright hilarious world LaBruce brings us is a singular, unique vision that gives this film its place in the pantheon of gay cinema.

Starring: Bruce La Bruce, Tony Ward, Ron Athey, Kevin Kramer, Wash West, Vaginal Davis, Tony Powers, Paul Bellini. Directed By Bruce La Bruce and Rick Castro. 80 Minutes. 1996.

25. September 2002 - Kl. 20:00
medlemskab kr. 50,- (1. gang gratis)
entré gratis/10 kr,- ved storskærm

tema: Real Men

Daddy and the Muscle Academy (1992)
Atmospheric documentary on life of Erotic artist 'Tom of Finland' directed by Ilppo Pohjola

Manden der lagde stilen for alverdens læderbøsser. Portræt at den finske kunstner, der som regel iførte sig uniform for at komme i stemning til at male.

The film gives voice to the life and creative impulse of the gay erotic artist known across the gay world as 'Tom of Finland'. Essentially an interview documentary with some very brief 'enactments' inspired by Tom's artwork, this is a long way from fetish pornography but is thought-provoking nonetheless.
Tom describes his early life in the Finnish army, in mundane jobs and, matter-of-factly, how he became inspired to put onto paper his exagerrated masculine fantasies of men in leather, uniforms and workwear.

Most of the interview is shot in the stillness of Tom's apartment/studio, with the film broken into segments centering on themes of his work: depiction of black men and women, technique, use of models and leather as his muse: "I put on a special outfit", he explains, "if I need to be inspired".
Putting its arthouse stylistic shortcomings aside, the film is a precious document of this influential artist who died a few years after it was made.

The brief commentaries from friend and critics point out just how deeply Tom's fantasies have become the primers for the post-war emergent gay subcultures of Leather/SM, with all their knock-on influence on wider cultural consciousness. While outsiders may not relate to Tom's proclivities, they will be moved by his integrity and skill in realising his

Animal Factory (2000)
directed by Steve Buscemi

Den hårdkogte fængselsfilm ­ hvor kun de modigste tør bukke sig efter sæben i bruserummet.

The story:
Ron, who's young, slight, and privileged, is sentenced to prison on marijuana charges. For whatever reason, he brings out paternal feelings in an 18-year prison veteran, Earl Copan, who takes Ron under his wing. The film explores the nature of that relationship, Ron's part in Earl's gang, and the way Ron deals with aggressive cons intent on assault and rape.

There's casual racism, too, in the prisoners and the guards, a strike called by Black prisoners, and the nearly omnipresence of hard drugs. Ron's lawyer is working on getting Ron out quickly, Earl has a shot at parole, and death seems to be waiting in the next cell. Will prison turn Ron into an animal?

2. Oktober 2002 - Kl. 20
medlemskab kr. 50,- (1. gang gratis)
entré gratis/10 kr,- ved storskærm

tema: Gay Art Film

directed by Derek Jarman/Paul Humfress (1976)

Directed by Todd Haynes (1991)

9. Oktober 2002 - Kl. 20:00
medlemskab kr. 50,- (1. gang gratis)
entré gratis/10 kr,- ved storskærm

tema: asian avantgarde

Beautiful Mystery
/Kyokon densetsu utsukushiki nazo
directed by Genji Nakamura (1983)

Kitami/Kurutta Butokai
directed by Hisayasu Sato (1988)

16. Oktober 2002 - Kl. 20:00
medlemskab kr. 50,- (1. gang gratis)
entré gratis/10 kr,- ved storskærm

tema: dancing men & gay rock chicks

DV8: Dead dreams of monochrome men (1988)

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
directed John Cameron Mitchell (2001)

23. Oktober 2002 - Kl. 23:10 - Knud Vesterskov Special
medlemskab kr. 50,- (1. gang gratis)
10 kr,- Storskærm

Knud Vesterskov Special
Kortfilm ­ udvalg af Vesterskovs repetoire
bøssehuset live ­hilights fra de fantastiske performances og events i bøssehuset gennem tiden.

Vi ser frem til en udsøgt aften i selskab med selveste Knud Vesterskov, der vil være til stede og fortælle om sine film.

30. Oktober 2002 - Kl. 20:00
medlemskab kr. 50,- (1. gang gratis)
entré gratis/10 kr,- ved storskærm

tema: queers and queens + Soft Cell special

1983 Directed by Tim Pope
I anledning af Soft Cells besøg i Vega d. 03.11 viser vi
Soft Cells billige og lumre 80¹er musikvideoer, hvor
Marc Almond og David Ball forargede hele den britiske
popscene. dunst har stor respekt for homokunstnere, der bryder igenne internationalt uden at gå på kompromis og duoen får derfor titlen ³the kings of sleaze².
directed by Jennie Livingston (1990)

Paris Is Burning

6. November 2002 - Kl. 20:00
medlemskab kr. 50,- (1. gang gratis)
10 kr,- Storskærm

tema: transvestites and dragqueens

Glen or Glenda
directed by Edward D. Wood Jr. (1953)

Vegas in Space
directed by Phillip R. Ford (1991)
The First All-Drag Queen Sci-Fi Musical Ever!

13. November 2002 - Kl. 20:00
medlemskab kr. 50,- (1. gang gratis)
10 kr,- Storskærm

tema: crime and passion

Un Chant d'Amour
directed by Jean Genet (1950)

The Crying Game
Directed by Neil Jordan (1992)

20. November 2002 - Kl. 20:00
medlemskab kr. 50,- (1. gang gratis)
10 kr,- Storskærm

tema: London life style

Enter Achilles

Jubilee (London punk)
Directed by Derek Jarman (1977)

27. November 2002 - Kl. 20:00
medlemskab kr. 50,- (1. gang gratis)
entré gratis/10 kr,- ved storskærm

tema: den tyske aften

Taxi zum Klo
Directed by Frank Ripploh(1981)

Kondom des Grauens
Directed by Martin Walz (1996)
Writing Credits Ralf König

4. December 2002 - Kl. 20:00
medlemskab kr. 50,- (1. gang gratis)
entré gratis/10 kr,- ved storskærm

tema: John Waters special

Multiple Maniacs
Directed by John Waters (1970)

Directed by John Waters (1981)

11. December 2002 - Kl. 20:00
medlemskab kr. 50,- (1. gang gratis)
entré gratis/10 kr,- ved storskærm

tema: gay artists

Francis Bacon dokumenta
Directed by David Hinton (I) (1988)

Med Keith Harring
Directed by Rosa von Praunheim aka
Holger Bernhard Bruno Mischwitzky (1990)

18. December 2002 - Kl. 20:00
medlemskab kr. 50,- (1. gang gratis)
entré gratis/10 kr,- ved storskærm

tema: Queer lifestyle

directed by Julian Schnabel (1996)

Queer Life - Dokumentar.

25. December 2002 - Kl. 12:00 og resten af dagen.
entré gratis

tema: Xmas special

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