HR & FRU dunst 18. December 2004
MR&MRS dunst
- a queer personality cuntest and party
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All the gender politicians and others wanting to influence cultural evolution are welcome in Ungdomshuset, where dunst will build a scene completely different from what has gone before. A scene where guests and stars mingle together in a celebration of light, sound, and human diversity.

The categories are:
Hetero, Reality, Hair, Hell, Cheap, Knitwear, Bulge, Food, Neon, Poppers, High, Mudhole, Animal.

Right now we are looking for contestants.

Come and be crowned as Mr&Mrs dunst in a competition where everything is possible and anything can happen. Perhaps you will see Homo-men in HETERO style competing with drag kings from REALITY, transvestites with HAIR competing with lesbian femmes from HELL, or CHEAP leather dykes competing with sensitive homo-boys in KNITTED underwear. Or perhaps not, as there are 13 categories to choose from.

Pick 2 of your favourite categories and express your personality to the max on the on the two shows. Together the jury and the audience will choose one winner – The MR&MRS dunst.

Dunst will host the evening and ensure bad taste, good music, reasonable
drinks and the rest.

Deadline for contestents: 10. December 2004.

Saturday the 18th of december. Doors open 22 o'clock.

Show Start: 11pm.

Ungdomshuset, Jagtvej 69, ved nørrebro rundel. København.

60,- Kr. (no preesale)

Djuna Barnes, Rosa Lux, AleX.T.C. Minimal Martin, Oli Viagra, Stimulundia,

By the way:
The word dunst means: “intense heavy smell of perfume with a twist of poo”.